Hunting Red -- a children's nature story from PocketMousePublishing.com

Pocket Mouse Publishing was founded in 2013. The Pocket Mouse is a native and increasingly rare species in Iowa. Nature-based art and articles are a fun way to share our excitement about natural diversity and its value. (This page may contain affiliate links which help support the site, scroll to the bottom of the page for full disclosure). Follow Pocket Mouse Publishing on twitter @pocketmousepub

The Book

Pocket Mouse Publishing is the home of Hunting Red — a children’s nature story!

The Author

Jean in Prairie

Jean Wiedenheft is a journalist and the Director of Land Stewardship at Indian Creek Nature Center. The postings on this site are personal, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Indian Creek Nature Center.

The Artist

Illustrator of Hunting Red

artistwindleaf is a book-illustrating, colored pencil-using, woods-wandering, environmental science degree-pursing, bike-riding, NaNoWriMo-winning, fantasy-reading, sword-fighting, music-listening elf trapped in a human body.


About brightskymom @ pocketmousepublishing.comLee, posting as brightskymom, shares nature-related thoughts about her family’s journey toward noticing, knowing, and being in nature.  When she isn’t outside you can find her homeschooling, reading aloud, browsing Pinterest, learning to knit, attending SCA events, or washing dishes…and not necessarily in that order.  She currently lives on the Eastern Coast of the United States and dreams of sailing the world with her husband when a few more of their 6 children have graduated.


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16 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks for thinking of us! Hopefully I can coordinate Jean (author of Hunting Red!) soon to answer the questions and pass the award on!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful book. And what a great way to challenge the child in us all to get outside. I am out everyday and enjoy all of nature. Lovely post.

  2. Do you publish fiction? I’ve written a series of books about a hamster who escapes and has wonderful adventures… is that the sort of thing you might be interested in?

    1. Zaden, I am a small team of one with a second, full time job. I would love to read your books, but you should publish it with someone who can market it. You might try self publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing, or you could try Anchor Book Press or Green Dragon Books. I wish you the best of luck, and thanks for reaching out. Cheers, Jean

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