Full Moon Walks 2016

Take a Full Moon Walk in 2016 with a FREE printable trackerDid you walk by the light of a full moon last year?

As a family, we tried to get out each full moon to take a walk. It didn’t always happen…it rained, it snowed, someone had to work late, or had a evening class. But we did try! And having a calendar showing when the full moon would be did help us remember to get outside at night.

Take a Full Moon walk with your family in 2016

Download your free printable full moon walk calendar here.

January’s full moon is the Wolf Moon — leave a comment and share about your walk this month.

Take a walk by the light of the full Wolf Moon this January!

Space.com’s 2016 Full Moon Calendar has more information about the Native American names for the full moons and information on the moon’s phases.

Also, visit EarthSky.org if you’re wondering why there is no blue moon in 2016!

Want even more full moon viewing inspiration? Check out Wilder Child’s Moon Gazing post — hint, she’s got an awesome free color download of all the full moon’s of 2016!

Full Moon Walk in 2015

Take a Full Moon Walk with a FREE printable trackerTake a Full Moon Walk with your family!

Enjoy some fresh air and moonlight this month and every month.

Full Moon Walk Printable Download & hang this printable Full Moon Walk tracker near your calendar and never miss walking by the magical light of the full moon.  Color in the moon each month you take a walk. Miss a month?  No worries, the moon will be full again.

To learn more about the moon check out these useful links:

  • View the current moon at Calendar-365.com
  • Read about the Native American names and meanings of full moons at Almanac.com
  • Discover dates and details of the moon and its phases at Space.com

If you want sweet full moon story to read to your little one, check out my review of Moon Child!

Book Review: Moon Child

Nature Book Review: Moon ChildMarch’s full moon will occur on the 5th of the month.

Taking a family walk under the light of the full moon in a wonderful activity.  Not only does the moon’s presence add a magical quality, it allows you to see so much more!

Moon Child by Nadia Krilanovich is a perfect introduction to the full moon for toddlers and preschoolers.  The adorable raccoon, otter, and owl give a variety of peaceful activities to do with the moon to make bedtime or a nighttime nature walk special.

Take a walk on March 5th and be a Moon Child yourself!

And don’t forget to download your free printable: Full Moon Tracker

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