What Do Fish Do When It Floods?

We love walking through the woods and prairies, in the city parks, and everywhere else nature can be found. Often, our adventure stops at the edge of the stream or wetland. This story takes you past that edge from a unique perspective. In What Do Fish Do When It Floods?, readers join the fish as they explore their world, suddenly expanded when the river floods. The waterscape and the landscape merge. The realistic fish, their experiences and their imaginations are inspired by Indian Creek Nature Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Use this story to begin your own adventure at the water’s edge. Recommended for children ages 4-10. 50 pages, full color paperback. Recommended Retail Price $12. Currently available at:

Indian Creek Nature Center www.indiancreeknaturecenter.org (proceeds will benefit Indian Creek Nature Center)

Amazon What Do Fish Do When It Floods? (proceeds support the PMP site through Amazon’s affiliate program)

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