Book Review: When the Root Children Wake Up

Book Review: When the Root Children Wake Up

When The Root Children Wake Up* is Audrey Wood’s delightful tribute to the changing seasons based on a 1906 German story.  You might recognize Audrey Wood as the author of The Napping House* and King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub* (a family favorite!).

The tale begins and ends with Grandfather Winter, and Mother Earth is present when the Root Children wake up.  She helps them with dressing in their new leaf and flower costumes, painting the bugs, and then leads them out into the world.

The children enjoy adventures in the company of each season — Aunt Spring, Cousin Summer, and Uncle Fall — before Mother Earth plays a lullaby for the Root Children to return to sleep.

Ned Bittinger’s paintings do a remarkable job personifying the jolly exuberance of summer and the biting chill of winter. The plump cherubic innocence of the Root Children captures the joys to be found in nature through the year.

I highly recommend this beautiful book for reading with each change of the seasons.  Celebrate the vernal equinox, the first day of spring, on March 20th with the Root Children!

And if you’re looking for more ideas for welcoming spring, check out 7 Ways to Celebrate the Spring Solstice by Rhythms of Play.

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What changing of the seasons books does your family like?

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