Return of the hummingbirds

The ruby-throated hummingbirds have returned. I haven’t seen one yet, but I’ve been keeping a casual eye on to track their migration north, and they have definitely been spotted in this area over the past few days.

That means it’s time to put up the hummingbird feeder. The hummingbirds will stick around for the summer and find plenty to feed on without our help. Putting out the feeder gives us an opportunity to watch their aerial acrobatics up close on a regular basis. They have distinct personalities, and don’t hesitate to find us in the yard and complain loudly if we don’t keep sugar water in the feeder. We have columbines planted for them as well, but the flowers haven’t quite started to bloom yet.

sample, spread1
By Gabrielle Anderson, from the pages of Hunting Red.



8 thoughts on “Return of the hummingbirds

  1. Wow, you won’t believe it, my boys were just discussing yesterday if the yellow bird they had seen in Singapore was a hummingbird! I tried googling but didn’t see any yellow ones? Maybe you can direct me to a website that gives the photos and labels the types of birds? am clueless…. Thanks!

      1. COOL!! Why didn’t I think of googling Singapore Birds?? haha… I just googled hummingbirds. Now I know there are so many types of Sunbirds! And yes, it IS a sunbird. : ) Thanks so much for your help!!

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