30 Days Wild

Being in Iowa in the springtime is being immersed in a million shades of green unfurling around you.




Nitro and I started and ended the 30×30 Nature Challenge in the hammock-it has gotten us pumped up about 30 Days Wild.

For 30 Days Wild, engage in a random act of wildness every day with us-you’re only limited by your imagination.


Take a walk in the woods, and discover what's blooming in your backyard.
We are starting the 30 Days Wild with a full moon walk, as the fireflies are beginning to dance in the evening.






3 thoughts on “30 Days Wild

  1. We are committed to 30 Days Wild too!
    I love your beginning and end of May tree pictures — amazing what a month can bring

  2. I think its really neat that your mulberries are already edible, and ours aren’t yet. I’m waiting for fun foraging later this month. it will be interesting to see just how far behind you we are, since you are around the 38.9 parallel and I am at the 41.9 parallel.

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