Skunk Cabbage is still sleeping

A friend from Illinois just posted a picture of her skunk cabbage poking out of the ground. While I suspected in my heart it was too early for my skunk cabbage, I couldn’t help but go and look. After all, what better way to spend a beautiful, relatively warm Friday morning?

Bena Brook is still frozen over, though we could hear water running underneath. It is a balmy 36 F outside.
The skull of a young white tail deer buck partially buried in the ice.
The bark tipi I built with a friend five or six years ago is still standing, though the massive oak tree that was growing beside sadly toppled during the derecho. The tipi is naturally well-camouflaged.
The skunk cabbage is not up, but signs of spring are starting to emerge. We will try again in a month.

Rock Climbing with the King

Nature is beautiful and extraordinary. We can spend lifetimes developing a deeper understanding of the ecosystem, and even more time trying to restore the damage we have wrought. Sometimes it is overwhelming. Sometimes nature should just be a fun adventure. An experience that makes you smile and that you want to share with your friends. Sometimes, those adventures can happen indoors on cold nights. This is a great two minutes: