Winter Construction

We have finally slipped into a more typical Iowa winter, even if we are lacking a good solid snowfall. With heaters inside the building keeping it a moderate 55 degrees, progress continues.


Those temperatures have allowed Ryan Companies to dry out the 4 inches of ice that had fallen inside the building before it was enclosed and install “floor board,” a cardboard-type product that will protect the concrete from damage during construction.


The warm air has also enabled the last of the interior concrete slab to be poured in the mechanical room and around the columns.
IMG_20160127_095901552The carpenters are nearly finished framing the interior wall structures and installing the sheathing.

IMG_20160202_112108896 (1)

Looking out of the pass-through window of the kitchen, across the auditorium into the main exhibit hall.
IMG_20160210_113015129Next week, progress should resume on the exterior of the building. WIndows are on-site, ready to be installed. The stone masons will create a tent and heat the space,  allowing them to continue working.

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