Enclosing the Building

After all, the enclosing of a building is really what sets a “building” apart from pavilions, porches, and other open-air structures.placing SIP panel

The last of the Structural Insulated Panels are placed.

plastic over windows

Plastic over the window and door openings allows the building space to be heated so work can continue throughout the winter.

cracks to be caulked

Cracks such as these will be caulked and sealed around the entire building to provide the R-30 insulating value. SystemWorks is commissioning the building to ensure details like these are addressed during construction.

internal rythm and light

The rhythm of the exposed trusses, and the natural daylight that will come through the upper clearstory window are starting to define the natural patterns and biophilic elements integrated throughout the spaces.

from the road
Amazing Space!

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