Green Dragons

I went to the stable for an afternoon ride on Frank. But it was a hot, muggy day and the buffalo gnats were biting.



Frank, and the rest of the herd, had taken refuge in the woods across Dry Creek. Which is certainly not dry right now, but at least there was a convenient log for me to use to cross the creek.

log across creek

I put his halter on, and started looking for a suitable log that I could use as a mounting block. While we wandered through the woods, I came across this surprising patch of green dragons. Surprising because the woodland is small and has been grazed for years, and it is full of green briar and garlic mustard. It is a lovely spot of shade and water for the horses, dogs, and kids, but ecologically it is degraded.

leaf whorlleaf and dragon


A good reminder that life-and nature-are always full of surprises.

green dragon berries copy

Gabrielle Anderson’s green dragon berries from Hunting Red.




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